John Berglund has had a varied and successful career, starting as a chief County prosecuting attorney at age twenty-four and transitioning into a lobbyist and trade-association executive. Immediately prior to his Caribbean relocation he was employed in the bowling industry, where one magazine survey voted him the most powerful person in the industry and another voted him the industry's most influential person for the entire decade. Throughout his career one relatively unknown interest remained consistent: Berglund's avocation for chemistry and the creation of chemical compounds.

Berglund, who studied chemistry in college and thereafter, initially focused his passion on fragrance and how nature interacts with the sense of smell. He visited parfumeries in Grasse, France, and elsewhere in addition to consulting numerous "noses," the industry word for perfumers. Berglund hired chemists and queried physicians to assist in the creation of revolutionary skincare and sun care products, all made at the Tijon laboratory in Grand Case, St. Martin, FWI.

Berglund's soul mate and business partner is his wife of over thirty years, Cyndi, who brings her popular personality and talents of jewelry design and customer service to Tijon. Cyndi has been John's primary assistant in his formulations and first responder to the many smell tests.

Cyndi is a former physical-education teacher, award-winning bed-and breakfast operator, retail manager, and corporate employee. In between, Cyndi, as the primary parent, proudly raised the couple's two children, Rachelle and T. J., both now living in San Diego, California.


After a particularly frustrating day in Paradise, while seeking our business license, two things came to mind: first, that I should put to paper the day's difficulties as a form of therapy hoping I could laugh at it later, and second, remindful of what another expat on the island had told me, "You can't make this s*** up."

Transcribing this event led to more musings, and with my wife's encouragement, I compiled five years of writings into a book chronicling our dream relocation to French St. Martin to open a business. We've laughed, we've cried, but at no times have we been bored. We lovingly share our adventures and misadventures with all our wonderful friends throughout the world. Enjoy.

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